• Why form is important in working out

    Lifting weights

    When it comes to working out quality is more important than quantity. How you lift and how you run, jump or stroke may mean the difference between going harder and getting sidelined. Beginners should expect to devote time to learning proper form. Even the more experienced can benefit from some occasional form feedback. Perfecting form […]

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  • Ways to Boost Workout Performance


    Getting in the gym but don’t have much to show for it? Are you feeling the pressure of bikini and shorts weather, but don’t have a clue as to how to prepare your body for it? Even if you’re already at the gym, this is the perfect opportunity to kick start your health/fitness routine to […]

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  • Ways to Sneak More Veggies into Your Child’s Diet

    vegetables background

    There are many things you can’t control in life: the weather, how quickly the line moves at the grocery store, or how loud your neighbor’s parties become. But, there is one thing you can control: how healthy your kids eat. And, if you’re as passionate about healthy, happy kids as we are, we’re about to […]

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  • Do you really need 10,000 steps per day?

    Blue digital pedometer displaying 10000 steps -  daily norm

    Tracking our steps has become almost as common as apple pie. If you haven’t adopted this wildly popular habit, chances are you know a few people that have. Most tracking devices set a goal of 10,000 steps, roughly five miles, as a daily target. But is that number really necessary? Here’s what you need to […]

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  • 3 Tips to Prevent Running Injuries


    Running is an amazing way to exercise. From boosting your confidence, to losing weight (and even fighting off disease), why NOT run? In this article, read about the only thing that could slow you down – an impending injury—and how to radically reduce the odds of every developing one. Spend Time (and Money) on the […]

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  • Five minutes to a stronger core

    training fitness woman doing plank core exercise working out for back spine and posture Concept pilates sport

    The core isn’t only your abs; it is also your back and shoulders. Essentially, the core is the trunk of the body. Your core has a role to play in virtually every movement you make. With standing, or stepping, lifting, running and reaching the core is engaged. Because it is so integrally involved in much […]

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  • Four reasons why the scale hasn’t budged

    Angry woman weighing scale. Slimming weight loss.

    It just doesn’t make sense. You are doing everything you can think of to drop pounds and, still, they keep hanging on. Maybe you’re even gaining weight. Get that scale going down by dodging these four common pitfalls. You aren’t getting enough protein In an article titled, the role of protein in weight management, researcher […]

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  • Back to School Fitness—How to Work Out While Handling Your Kids Schedule

    Back to school. There is a lot of work to be done!

    Whether you’re a single parent who is tackling work and child rearing by yourself, or you’re married and juggling the busy demands of a growing family, working out while handling your kid’s schedule isn’t an easy one (we won’t even pretend it is!) That’s why when it comes to fitness, you’ve got to give yourself […]

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  • Tips to Avoid Overeating

    Eating concept with cute business woman holding tablespoon and smile on white background.

    Moderation is the key for any successful weight loss or weight management plan. So how do you resist the temptation of overeating? Here are a few tips to try. Eat regularly It may seem that you are saving a few calories when you skip a meal but you probably aren’t. Missed meals usually lead to […]

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  • Best Workouts for Stronger Legs

    Photo of a young woman exercising and doing a isometric squat on a black floor mat.

    Summer is here, which for many people means thighs, thighs, thighs! Whether you live in a hot climate, or you’ll soon whisk yourself off to a tropical paradise for your yearly vacation to Hawaii, there’s no better time to get your legs in the best shape of their life. Here are three leg workouts that […]

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