• 10 Tips for Keeping Healthy Knees


    Your knees require your attention—are you listening up? If you experience the occasional period of pain, say, after an intense workout, or right after your pick your kids up for a hug, your knees may be telling you something. Here’s ten simple ways you can keep your knees—one of the most important joints in your […]

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  • Fighting off the Freshman 15

    Thoughtful male teacher with clenched fists against dumbbells drawn on chalkboard

    Freshman year is a time of big transitions. So many adjustments – to a new living environment, daily routine, new friends and classes, maybe even a new time zone – may mean healthy habits fall away. What does that add up to? For many freshmen all that change can add up to a few extra […]

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  • Fitness, Health and Strength for the Recently Retired

    Senior Man Exercising In Park

    Ah, the golden years. You’ve finally done it—you’ve graduated from the 9-5 job, and begun a life of leisure. So, while you enjoy vacationing to Hawaii, spend extra time with your grandkids and tend to your flourishing garden, don’t forget to take care of the most important thing of all: your health. Here’s some ways […]

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  • Crunch time: Variations on the crunch & sit-up

    young african american woman in green sportswear exercising abdominals in fitness club, looking at camera. Horizontal shape, front view, waist up

    Let’s just be honest, crunches are boring and painful. But the reward! Who among of us wouldn’t want to stop sucking in that tummy? Maybe we can. Here are five ways beyond crunches to hit your whole torso. Do these for several weeks and you’re likely to start saying that sucking in your gut is […]

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  • The Importance of the Cool Down for Your Recovery and Muscle Building


    Sure, you know the importance of ‘warming up’ before a workout—after all, who doesn’t? The warm up is important to prevent injury (after all, who wants to run five miles with ‘cold’ muscles?). But be honest: how often do you end your workout without ‘cooling down’? If you can’t remember the last time you did, […]

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  • What really happens when you “pop” your joints

    man wearing bathrobe wringing hands

    The popping sound is familiar to most of us. Knuckle, neck and back cracking seem to bring relief for some, but why? What is actually happening during the action? Here is a brief look at each of these noisy habits. What happens when you crack your knuckles? Researchers at the University of Alberta used magnetic […]

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  • Explaining Soreness

    Human Muscle Injury medical health care concept as a blue shoulder anatomy with red inflamation pain as a symbol of body aches or soreness cramp.

    Explaining Soreness: Why It Takes a Day or Two to Really Feel the After-Effects of Your Workout If you’ve ever experienced a runners high, or experienced the euphoria that comes with an intense workout, then you know what comes next: soreness city. Even when you do everything right (stay hydrated, warm up and cool down, […]

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  • Chilly Recovery: The Increasing Popularity of Cryotherapy

    Thermometer very cold with stalactite on the glass bulb. Concept of very cold.

    More people are turning to cryotherapy as a way to recover more quickly, reduce inflammation and enjoy better overall health. What is cryotherapy and is it right for you? Here is a look at the basics of this chilly process. What is cryotherapy? US Cryotherapy says cryotherapy can expose a specific area or the whole […]

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  • From Pyramid to Plate: How the Diet Has Changed

    food pyramid turn into pie chart against white background

    Do you remember instilling the information of the food pyramid into your brain during elementary school? Back then, nutrition felt like a scientific formula: if you eat equal servings of dairy and meat, and equal servings of fruit and vegetables (plus even more of a helping from the bread/whole grains group), you’ll live a healthy […]

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  • Long-haul fitness: why you need to stop expecting immediate results


    When it comes to exercise appropriate expectations are the name of the game. If you expect too much too soon the battle will be lost because discouragement is a powerful demotivator. Instead, look at several metrics when measuring results. You will see that although the end or goal results don’t happen immediately – you are […]

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