• Don’t have weights? Six easy exercises you can do anywhere

    Don’t have weights? Six easy exercises you can do anywhere

    Spring is in the air and that means summer vacation season will soon be upon us. Don’t let travel keep you away from your exercise routine. Use body weight exercises to help you stay in shape without any special equipment. Try these six easy exercises you can do anywhere. Lunges This type of exercise is […]

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  • 5 foods with almost NO calories

    5 foods with almost NO calories

    Looking for ways to cut calories? Try these super low calorie foods to help you feel satisfied and make smart nutrition choices. These five foods offer a number of health benefits like vitamins and minerals your body needs to be its best. They taste good, too. That means you can eat right without feeling deprived. […]

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  • 3 reasons women should weight train

    3 reasons women should weight train

    Maybe you don’t lift weights because you’re worried about being Arnold Schwarzenegger buff. Don’t be. One big reason men are able to gain so much bulk with weight training is testosterone. Women have far less testosterone so we don’t have to worry about looking like Rocky (the fictional prize fighter for those younger than women […]

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  • More reps, less weight

    More reps, less weight

    You don’t have to lift very heavy weights to build muscle.  In fact, performing more reps with less weight can be an effective strategy for a variety of fitness goals whether you are a beginner or have more experience with lifting.  Try this approach a few times each week and you will soon notice a […]

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  • Shorter Workouts More Often—Does Less Really Amount to More?

    Shorter Workouts More Often—Does Less Really Amount to More?

    Whether you want to burn fat or improve your endurance, shorter workouts are all the rage—and perfect for any overworked, busy professional. Why? Because it allows you to ‘get the job done’ in an impressing short period of time.  Let’s weigh in the pros and cons so that you can fast track your way to […]

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  • Kids Fitness: A Growing Trend?

    Kids Fitness: A Growing Trend?

    Obesity in children continues to be on the rise, and a culture of hefty kids seems to be more of the ‘norm’ than ever before. Conveniently packaged crackers and cookies marketed for children stuffed with high fructose corn syrup are served at their school’s cafeteria, while at the same time, school districts are cutting P.E. […]

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  • Trending Now: Body Weight Training

    Trending Now: Body Weight Training

    Feeling like that latest fad diet (that claims you give up all carbs and fruit in order to get the body you want) is just not giving you the results you want? When it comes to losing weight, getting toned and feeling like your most amazing self, there’s no madness to this method. In fact, […]

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  • Fearing the Weight Room? Here’s How to Dominate It!

    Trust us—the weight room is not nearly as intimidating as you’re making it out to be. Have you been ditching it (because you don’t know where to begin?) instead of dominating it? Here’s your cheat sheet to getting started…one weight at a time. Make It Slow and Steady Take a look at the men and […]

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  • Getting rid of that jiggly arm fat we all hate

    Tank top season is upon us, so hiding jiggly arms under bulky sweaters is no longer an option. Tone and tighten your triceps with these easy moves that will have you out of hiding before you know it. Tricep dips – You can do this exercise virtually anywhere, on the floor, on a workout bench […]

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  • Maximizing the 30 minute workout  

    It is possible to get in a really good workout, even if you don’t have endless time on your hands. Here are some tips to make the most of your time. Use them and see how easy it can be to make room for exercise in an already crowded schedule.   Work harder Adding intervals […]

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