• Pain, Gain and the Healthiest Addiction You’ve Ever Had: How to Exercise With


    Intention There is something very powerful about harnessing your own power to create changes in your life. That is what makes exercise a healthy addiction. It is one of the best things you can do that feels good and is actually good for you. With exercise you get results that feel great instead of guilt, […]

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  • Your Body is a Temple—How to Cultivate a Daily Routine For Health and Wellness


    Are you treating your body like the temple that it is, or a warzone? If your New Year’s resolution (to lose that holiday weight or achieve rock hard abs) has already fallen by the wayside, then let’s get real—it sucks giving up on yourself, doesn’t it? You know what feels really good? Doing for yourself […]

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  • The 70/30 Rule: Breaking Down the Old School Weight Loss Plan


    A diet pill that ‘magically’ allows you to lose ten pounds in 7 days? A weight loss meal plan that promises to blast fat while burning calories? A ‘lose weight fast!’ brand that claims you can continue to eat whatever you want as long as you buy their fat burning supplements? Don’t believe the hype. […]

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  • Coconut Oil The Super Food That Will Change Your Life


    Does coconut oil (one of the most important super foods around) seem like too exotic of a food for your taste? Well, give it a taste—because once you try it as a popcorn topper, or in replacement of vegetable oil, you won’t go back. Delicious, healthy and oh-so-good for your physical and mental health, you’ll […]

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  • Get Patriotic About It–Army Workouts to Achieve a Great Physique


    You don’t have to enlist to get the benefits of an army workout. Designed to be challenging, army workouts can help you achieve a sexy, toned physique. Add some of these moves to your regular workout and you might just find people standing at attention when they see the new you. Ultimate 20 minute workout […]

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  • Do This, Not That: Advice From a Personal Trainer


    Working with a personal trainer is a growing fitness trend for 2015. There is good reason for this interest. Great trainers can jump start your success by helping you develop a plan that meets your unique needs and goals. If hiring a trainer isn’t in your budget you can still enjoy some of the benefits. […]

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  • Need a Motivational Boost? We’ve Got It For Every Day of the Week!


    Your body is more powerful than you realize—but it falls under the direction of your mind. Your biceps don’t quit, and your core doesn’t give up if your willingness and determination to persevere pushes through the moments of tiredness, laziness or feeing of defeat. Tired of walking into your gym or walking out of it […]

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  • Got Sexy Back? Your Cheat Sheet to a Sexy Back


    Are you ready to take your fitness to a whole new level? It’s hard to do if you’re suffering from back pain, isn’t it? Often the body part that gets the shaft, your back needs your attention! Here’s how to strengthen your back, get your ‘sexy back’ and live pain free. Why the Back Workout […]

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  • More for the Mind: Boost Your Memory in Just 30 Minutes a Day!


    Every day, you’re responsible for dozens of tasks, and people hold you accountable to fulfill your promises and get them to where they need to be. Running errands, completing projects on time and coming up with idea after idea for your boss is just one of the many expectations you have to fulfill. So, why […]

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  • Your Workout of the Week (Hint: It’s a Metabolism Booster!)


    If weight loss is a game, consider your metabolism the star player. It’s responsible for keeping you looking great in your skinny jeans, and maintaining muscle mass (which you’ve worked so hard for.) After all, strong is the new skinny—so here’s how to keep your strength, power and svelte, sexy figure every day of the […]

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