• Diet Without Dieting – Setting Healthier Standards for Yourself (and How to Avoid the Pitfalls)


    Let’s face it, even the word diet is a downer; just hearing it makes you want to start eating. That’s because we have come to associate diet with deprivation or starvation. In fact, the word is defined in dictionary.com as food and drink considered in terms of its qualities, composition, and its effects on health: […]

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  • Working out in weird places


    In our increasingly busy world many of us are looking for ways to do more in less time. Often, that means multi-tasking. Here are some ways to combine exercise with everyday tasks. You can do these moves virtually anywhere. Excuses, be gone! Standing calf raises – You can do these in line at the grocery […]

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  • The Cabin fever workout – Lose weight while staying in


    Bad weather doesn’t have to mean skipping your workout. Keep your weight loss routine going despite heavy rain, icy roads or even unsafe streets. The key is creativity. Here are some tips for getting in a good workout, even if you can’t get out. Living room cardio Jump “rope” – Especially if you have carpet […]

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  • Boost your Electrolytes the Natural Way


    Your body is made of tissue, muscle and organs—but the majority of your body is composed of water. Because your body requires hydration (after all, how could your brain, muscles and even sleep patterns be at their best, without it?) it’s crucial to have enough of the minerals your body needs to thrive. In other […]

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  • Mind Over Medicine—How to Boost Your Health With a Morning Routine


    Oh, if only life was as predictable as a childhood book you’ve read time and time again. When stress mounts and you feel overwhelmed with your daily responsibilities, your body can take a toll. Forget the pain killers or sleeping pills, because a morning routine is all you really need. Here’s your cheat sheet to […]

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  • Small changes for a healthier life – start now!


    Small changes can add up to big health benefits. We are more likely to stick with small changes because they feel manageable and it’s easy to chalk up success pretty quickly. Pick a few changes and resolve to add them to your routine for a healthier life. Move more throughout the day Prolonged sitting has […]

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  • Your ‘Breakfast Blues’ Cure: Super Food Recipes to Fuel Your Workout, Fuel Your Day


    Do you suffer from the ‘boring breakfast blues? Do you lack the energy to make it through your iron pumping, adrenaline fueling morning workout? It could be because you aren’t properly nourished. If that’s the case, we’ve got just the recipe for success—three of them, actually. The smarter you eat, the faster you’ll get toned […]

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  • Can You Use Dietary Fat as Fuel?


    Fat has gotten a bad rap. The attitude is, certain foods that contain ‘fat’ should be avoided at all costs. In some cases, this is true. Fatty foods such as French fries, microwaved buttery popcorn and packaged foods containing ‘trans fats’ aren’t a healthy choice. But, what about ‘good fats’? Avocado, olive oil and seafood […]

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  • Better Butt, Better New Year!


    Is the state Better Butt, Better New Year!f your backside bringing you down? Do you want a butt that’s thinner, shapelier, or perkier? Chinese astrology says 2015 is the year of the sheep. And, while we think that might be so, we’re advocates of the theory that this New Year is the year of the […]

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  • Your Gluten Free Lifestyle—Fact or Fiction?


    Many people have jumped on the ‘gluten-free bandwagon’ in the last few years. It’s become much more than a trendy diet for some—for thousands of Americans alone, it’s become a way of life.  Ready to learn what it’s all about? Here’s your guide to getting the best bod of your life—and one fool-proof recipe that […]

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