• Probiotics? Really?


    There’s lots of talk about probiotics lately: health professionals say a healthy gut is the first step in having a healthy body and probiotics contain health-promoting bacteria that keep your gut in check. And these bacteria are more important than you may think. They: Process fiber that is hard to digest Produce B12, K2 Help […]

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  • It’s Fall—Fall in Love With Fitness


    Summer is over, leaves are changing and there’s a chill in the air. But, that’s no excuse to let your beach body fall victim to warm comfort foods and hibernation. Not only is it important to maintain the strength you’ve build over the summer, but an active lifestyle requires a strong and stable body—maintaining a […]

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  • Cleaning House? How to Turn It Into a Workout


    Cleaning house can be an undertaking, can’t it? With piles of endless laundry, and room after room to vacuum, the chores on your to-do list every Saturday can seem impossible to control. By the end of the day, who has the energy to squeeze a workout in? Luckily, you’re a ‘go getter’, who always jumps […]

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  • How to Beef Up Your Work Your Exercise Program


    Take your workout routine to the next level—if you’ve hit a plateau or are bored with what you’re doing, this is just what you need to see results and stay excited about what you’re doing. But don’t just add an extra interval or set of bicep curls to your program. Instead, beef up your program […]

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  • Got 10 Minutes to Spare? Get a Mini Workout In!


    News flash: Mini workouts are all the rage. They’re trending. They’re accessible, and they’re available to anyone and everyone who is determined to stay on top of their fitness and weight loss goals.  No matter how busy you are (and we know you’re busier than ever!) there’s always time for a workout. Here are several […]

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  • Cross training can actually prevent sports injuries


    Cross training is just another way of talking about adding variety to your fitness routine. So if you are a runner that means you might add yoga or swimming, do some weight training or even spin sometimes. Switching up your exercise helps you improve overall fitness, lose more weight, banish boredom and even prevent injury. […]

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  • How to Properly Calculate Your BMI: Should You?


    BMI has been used for many decades to provide insight into whether your body is average, below or above what it should be in terms of weight and height. However, in recent years health professionals have questioned whether it still serves as a good a judge of health. Find out how to calculate your BMI […]

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  • The Healthiest Fish to Eat


    Do you have a craving for fish, but deal with the occasional pangs of guilt for eating it? Have no fear, because we’re here to direct you towards the healthiest fish eating around. The trick is, choosing the right fish (loaded with those immune boosting omega-3’s) that will improve everything from your heart’s health to […]

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  • Signs your Workout is Not Right for You


    A workout is a workout, right? Well, kind of. While any workout is better than no workout in terms of getting active rather than sitting on your couch, not every workout is the best one for every person. While some people flourish in group classes others are able to focus better on a solo gym […]

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  • Tasty and Healthy Snack Ideas for School


    You can control what they eat at home, but when they walk out the front door and get on the bus to school, what your children eat is out of your hands—almost. While you can’t force the school to make healthy breakfast and lunch for your kids, you can send them to school with healthy […]

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