• Feeling Tense? Stretches to Relieve the Stress!


    Stress and stretching—does one exist when you don’t have the other? While stretching can’t always altogether eliminate your stress, it can definitely diminish it. Focus on a few downward facing dogs, and do a chest opener or two as part of your morning ritual. (Better yet, make it the last thing you do before tucking […]

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  • Got Back Issues? Best Exercises for Your Back Pain


    Whether you’ve suffered from a weak back your entire adult life, or you’re plagued from time to time with a sore one (after a hard day at the office), there’s nothing quite like back pain. From piercing to dull pain, it’s irritating, painful and stressful. Do you have back issues you want to resolve? Here’s […]

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  • Your Workouts Help Your Anxiety


    How long has it been since you’ve felt good—really, really good—as you go through your busy day full of responsibilities and deadlines? If you struggle with anxiety from time to time (or on a daily basis), you know the drill: your anxiety can paralyze you, and prevent you from living the healthiest, happiest life possible. […]

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  • Plyometric Training—For All You Runners Out There


    Plyometrics are explosive movements designed to activate your muscles fibers quickly and forecefully. This helps build muscle, which translates to increased speed, efficiency and energy in everyone, making this exercise style especially important for runners. “Like a pogo stick, your body can store energy from impact and then release it to propel your body forward. […]

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  • 3 Lessons You Learn From Working Out


    Whether you’ve worked out for many years or are just starting now, you quickly learn a lot of lessons, from how to stay on track to what’s fun for you and what’s not. Here are three small lessons that you’re sure to learn from a regular workout regimen. Do Create a Routine First and foremost, […]

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  • Football Season is Coming—Don’t Let Tailgate Food Wreck Your Routine


    You know the feeling: You walk into a friend’s house for the Sunday night football game and are greeted with nachos, dip and plenty of beer. The debate begins. Do you snack to your heart’s content, give a firm no, or just choose a few snacks here and there, trying not to refill your plate […]

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  • Don’t overcomplicate your workouts


      Sometimes the biggest hurdle in committing to a regular workout routine is getting started. We may tell ourselves we can’t get started until we have special clothing or equipment, money for a gym membership or a personal trainer; or even until we reach a certain body weight or have a big goal. None of […]

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  • Can you lose weight just by walking?


    Can you lose weight just by walking? In a word, yes. Walking is among the easiest and most effective weight loss activities. The key to weight loss with walking is to do it often. Walking off weight Many of us make the mistake of thinking we have to suit up and head to aerobics class […]

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  • Why Cheating on Your Workout is a Bad Idea


    We’ve all done it, so let’s be real about the matter: we cheat on our workout from time to time. Most of us have ‘done it’ two, three or ten times—or perhaps too many times to count. We work overtime and sacrifice an evening workout, or we lose the drive to achieve our fitness goals […]

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  • Balance and Mobility Training


    Have you ever tried to balance on one foot and failed miserably? Mimicking your yoga instructor as she positions herself in the ‘tree pose’ (standing on one foot, while the other foot is positioned against the other and pressed against the upper thigh) seems easy enough. But without proper balance, it quickly becomes an impossible […]

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