• 3 New Reasons to Exercise


    Your heart, lungs and cardiac muscles work like clockwork so that you can go about your day—breathing, eating and sleeping as you need to. So, while you’re racing to catch the train, landing your next ‘big deal,’ feeding children, walking on the treadmill, and driving to and from home each day, every muscle, organ, and […]

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  • Weight Loss Mistakes


     If you struggle with losing weight, you are not alone. Humans only have so much willpower, and some have more than others. This shouldn’t be a disheartening thing to hear, for each person is motivated by different factors, and everyone has their own unique story to tell when it comes to weight fluctuation. Losing weight […]

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  • Take Advantage of the Food Pyramid


    Whether you’re looking at the American, Asian or Mediterranean food pyramid, it’s easy to see exactly how your diet should be broken up between the food groups. However, that’s not the only important aspect to consider when you look at the food pyramid. Whether you’re looking at the American or another ethnic pyramid, you’ll find […]

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  • Eat More Spinach to Grow Strong


    Once the talk of the table spinach has lately been moved into the shadows by “it” greens such as kale and arugula. The ubiquitous spinach salad with hot bacon dressing has given way to arugula with roasted beets and goat cheese or countless incarnations of kale salad. To make matters worse Popeye, the beloved spokesman […]

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  • How Much Time Should I Devote to the Gym?


    Winter is the time of year when many people with great intentions sign up for gym memberships. The problem is by around March most of the new crowd has disappeared. Newbies often start strong get overwhelmed or injured and stay away from the gym. Old timers may become bored or complacent. Going to the gym […]

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  • Etiquette 101 – Cell Phones and Gyms


    The convenience of cell phones is undeniable. They keep us connected to friends and loved ones, provdie a lifeline when we are stranded and even make our work lives feel more efficient. Unfortunately, in spite of their convenience, cell phones are also a nuisance. They are everywhere. There don’t seem to be any spaces free […]

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  • Lose Weight Safely


    January has faded into the distance, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get started with your weight-loss plan now. However, it’s important that you embark on your healthy journey in a way that will yield results in a safe way. This means no crash diets or nutrient-depriving juice cleanses. Here are some tips on how […]

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  • Dry Skin Relief


    When it comes to winter, what’s not to love? There’s the magic of the holidays, staying indoors with loved ones as you enjoy a roaring fire, and oh yes, the itchy, uncomfortable skin that always plagues you this time of year! Some people are more prone to dry skin than others, but if you wake […]

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  • Are Energy Drinks Good or Bad for You?


    Today’s world is filled with instant gratification. If you want to go to the 7 o’clock movie, you can order them online. If you need to know how to get from point A to point B, a GPS navigation system will lead the way. And, if you need a 3pm pick-me-up, an energy drink will […]

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  • The Harmful Effects of a Sedentary Lifestyle


     Have you ever heard the expression, “An object in motion tends to stay in motion.”? Well what do you think a sedentary object is going to continue to do? Humans are pretty habitual creatures. It’s much easier to continue to do something from a formed habit than to step outside a comfort zone and try […]

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