• What’s the Big Deal About No Shave November?


    Those awesome Australians—they know how to add an element of fun to charity awareness! In, 2004, thirty of them decided to grow a moustache in support of prostate cancer, and nine years later, their organization, the Movember Foundation Charity, has raised 299 million dollars. If the month of October is dedicated to the awareness of […]

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  • Taking Your Sweat Session To The Next Level


    If you have been taking your sweat sessions to the next level and really pushing yourself, chances are you have been at it a while and it may be tough to overcome some of the final tough workouts. First of all, you need to give yourself a pat on the back for all the hard […]

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  • Lose That Arm Jiggle


    For many, arm jiggle is the most frustrating part of the body. Wearing dresses or sleeveless shirts can be embarrassing regardless of your gender. Unfortunately, the only way to make that go away is to focus on specific arm workouts; cardio, for example, won’t do much for the jiggle in your arms, but pushups will. […]

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  • Fun and Fit Ways to Support Breast Cancer Awareness


      Susan G. Komen did an amazing thing: she created the largest ever fundraising event for breast cancer awareness. What she also did is help the world think of breast cancer awareness when they see the color pink! So, this month do two good things as you work your glutes to submission—fight for a cure […]

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  • Staying Active During Prime Time TV


    The Good Wife. Nashville. Two and a Half Men and Scandal—it’s what you look forward to after a hard day at the office or a busy day at home with the kids, but what is zoning out during your favorite prime time TV show doing to your once sculpted legs, abs or butt? Do you […]

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  • The Importance of Breakfast


    Don’t let a hectic morning schedule or dreams of dropping a jean size keep you from breakfast. Just as you have always heard breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Your body needs the fuel and nutrients a good breakfast provides to help you power up for a great day. Why eat […]

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  • Fighting Fit: Boxing Workouts

    If there’s one thing in common between Floyd Mayweather, the rest of today’s buff bruisers, and the characters that inspire in movies like Rocky and Cinderella Man, it’s how in shape and fit they all look. Fortunately for you, you can fight fit and get in tremendous shape with a few simple boxing workouts without […]

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  • Tips to Improve Your Speed


    Running fast doesn’t come naturally to everyone. For most, it’s a gradual process that improves with each week that you lace up your sneakers. Whether you’re running a race or just looking to improve your workouts, here are some tips on how you can improve your speed. Take Your Time Don’t expect to increase your […]

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  • Lose Weight without Dieting


    There is no magic pill or formula for weight loss. At the end of the day pounds come off when you eat fewer and burn more calories. But what if the two-pronged approach just doesn’t appeal to you? Can you really lose weight without dieting? Yes, you can! Here’s how. Ramp up your physical activity […]

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  • Not Flexible? Here’s Your Fix!


    If you’ve ever been to a yoga class, then you know that it can be a humbling experience. The downward dog isn’t as easy as you thought, it’s more challenging than you ever imagined to sit still and quiet the mind, and most of all, you’re not as flexible as you once were (at not […]

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