• Football Drills To Get You Fit


    Football season is here. All across the country men are more excited than Christmas morning and preparing for fantasy football drafts and Saturday tailgates with crazy enthusiasm. Their wives are simultaneously rolling their eyes and counting down the days until the season is over. One thing is obvious about football’s most exciting players – they […]

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  • Strength Training Benefits


    You never miss a run or bike ride with your friends, but do you pick up the weights every once in a while? The Center for Disease Control and Prevention explain why your answer should be yes: “While aerobic exercise, such as walking, jogging, or swimming, has many excellent health benefits—it maintains the heart and […]

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  • Avoiding Leg Cramps


    Leg cramps have afflicted more than half the population at one time or another. They are slightly more common among women than men. Common causes of leg cramps include dehydration, potassium deficiency, prolonged sitting, pregnancy, muscle fatigue and even some medications. Age is also a factor with older people experiencing leg cramps more often than […]

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  • Sitting too long? Get Moving!


    In recent years researchers have been sounding the alarm about the dangers of prolonged sitting. The human body is meant to move. When it doesn’t move the risk of death from health challenges such as high cholesterol, obesity, high blood sugar, cardiovascular disease and even cancer increases significantly. What’s more, the risks associated with prolonged […]

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  • Booty Boosters


    A good butt exercise will help you achieve a sculpted and toned behind. But, a series of several feel-the-burn booty exercises won’t just give you that butt you’ve longed to get back for years now, but sculpted legs, a toned lower back and hips that scream out sex appeal. Use this guide to not only […]

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  • Creating a Weekly Workout Schedule


    When it comes to achieving that body of your dreams, the question shouldn’t be “How much do I want this?” but rather, “How long am I willing to hang in there to achieve a rocking bod?” Whether you’re motivated to lose your muffin top or bulky legs, the time is now – with real results […]

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  • Training For A Marathon


    Running a marathon may be the most challenging experience the human body can face in the fitness world. It has been compared to boxing 10-12 rounds. Each sport is going to have different factors each with unique levels of exhaustion, but few things compare to the stamina and specific plan for running a marathon. Training […]

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  • What Is A Calorie?


    Calories are getting a lot of attention these days with all the talk about counting calories, calorie deficit, and reading calories on nutrition labels. Everyone seems to be joining in a combined idea (and rightfully so) that weight loss is a battle of calories in vs. calories burned. Personal trainers, weight loss coaches, and dietitians […]

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  • Postpartum Health and Fitness


    You’ve endured a long nine months, full of awkward chocolate and bacon cravings immediately following a few months of morning, noon and nighttime sickness. And now, the end result is perfect – a beautiful baby that is yours, all yours. So, what will you do with that postpartum body of yours, and how will you […]

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  • Jogging vs. Running


    No matter how fast you go there are few things you can do better for your body than move it. So does it matter whether you jog or run? It depends on your fitness goals. Benefits of jogging and running Physical activity such as jogging and running can help you manage or even prevent diabetes […]

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