• No Pain No Gain: the Goodness of Feeling Sore


    Some discomfort is to be expected when you are new to exercise or taking your fitness routine to the next level. However, there are limits. A common problem for the overzealous among us is asking too much of our bodies before they are physically able to handle the stress. We start out too fast and, […]

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  • Chase Away Summer Blues With a Fitcation


    Vacation and fitness don’t often go hand in hand; this is usually the time that you let go of the diet rules, step away from the gym, and enjoy relaxing without a worry on your mind. However, fitcations have become popular among fitness fanatics, and are a great way to have a healthy vacation, with […]

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  • Fitness is a Lifestyle


    Whether you’re in the ‘zone’ with your workouts, or in a serious 5 month old workout slump, the rule for your best, healthiest life is the same – get fit, and make it a lifestyle; not a mere destination.  Here are some of the easiest and most efficient ways to get you in the mood […]

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  • Beginner’s Guide: From Walking to Running

    Many people new to exercise often begin with walking, and why not? It is something you already know how to do, it does not require any special equipment and you can do it almost anywhere. Walking yields tremendous health benefits, too. Walkers tend to have better health outcomes, including lower cholesterol and blood pressure than […]

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  • Improve Your Agility With These 5 Exercises


    Athletes train for speed and love the ability to run fast. Speed is a God-given gift, but strengthening the specific muscles and doing speed drills can make anyone faster. Agility is more than speed. It’s the athlete’s ability to move rapidly from side-to-side or change direction quickly while running at a fast pace. This quickness […]

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  • Getting Rid of Back Fat


    It is hard to come up with a bright side when considering the problem of back fat. The bulge makes any idea of a smooth silhouette sound more like fantasy. The unwelcome rolls can also make it tough to wear some of summer’s slinkiest styles with confidence. Sure, we can’t see it but we know […]

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  • Gym-Goer Guidelines


    If you’re a frequent gym-goer, you have a good idea of what proper gym etiquette is. However, both veteran and rookie fitness enthusiasts can forget unspoken rules of the gym. So, if you’re clocking in time on the elliptical anytime soon, be sure to heed these basic guidelines, all of which you’d expect others to […]

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  • Using Exercise to Prevent Weight Gain, Not Weight Loss


    Time passes, and life moves on. Your daily grind at times seem too busy to fit in those workouts you once were so fiercely devoted to. But is the mountain size pile of paperwork each day, working overtime (again) and watching your favorite ABC network reality show worth the pounds that slowly creep up and […]

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  • Brutal Upper Body Exercises


    There’s workouts that burn fat, blast away those unwanted calories and even give you a surge of energy to carry you through your workout, and through your day. And then, there are the tried and true workout that really make a difference – ones that will perk up your torso, improve your chest, and in […]

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  • Do Strong Feet & Ankles Enhance Your Workout Strength?


    Your workouts can actually be enhanced with stronger feet and ankles. It should come as no surprise that workouts can be cut short quickly with a simple twist of the ankle or misstep of the foot. Often these injuries show up from a lack of strength and support in the ankles and feet. Did you […]

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