• Make Strength Training Your De-Stress Morning Routine


    For many people, working out or running is a form of meditation.  And many experts agree that meditation is a smart way to start your day. Hence, starting your morning with your own form of meditation, strength training, can be beneficial to your morning and entire day. Whether you strength train in the gym or […]

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  • A Skinny Body Doesn’t Mean You Are in Shape


    You know the type – that ridiculously lucky skinny girl who eats burgers and fries without ever seeming to gain a pound. But is she really that lucky, and is she really that healthy just because she has the metabolism of a hummingbird? The truth is, your weight doesn’t determine your health risk, and just […]

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  • Best 5 Balance Exercises


    Balance is something most of us take for granted. We don’t usually give it much thought unless we experience challenges, such as dizziness, instability or even falling. Maintaining stability or having a firm center of gravity is critical for a number of daily activities and physical safety. For example, common tasks like walking, taking the […]

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  • Can Exercise Provide Relief For Arthritis?


    Arthritis is a pain. Whether you suffer from osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, you understand the joint ache that comes with the territory. In the most simple words, arthritis is inflammation in the joints. This inflammation is filling space that doesn’t need to be filled and coincidently causing pain and discomfort. Fortunately, exercise can provide relief […]

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  • Using Resistance Bands for Workouts


    Resistance bands hold a very important place in your healthy life. Not only can they be used for a variety of muscles and parts of your body, but are easy to travel with. So, instead of forging your workouts on vacation, toss your resistance bands into the suitcase and work of some of those luxurious […]

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  • Extended Vacation…From the Gym?


    We get it – you’ve been in hiding. You’ve been in hiding from your gym friends who used to hold you accountable for hitting the weights twice a week and going to Zumba with them every Saturday morning; hiding from your skinny jeans that no longer (comfortably) zip up, and lastly, hiding from your empowered […]

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  • Knowing Your Cardio Limits


    It’s no secret that cardiorespiratory training has enormous health benefits and is a great way to shed fat. If you are a new exerciser, it is very important to know your cardio limits to give your body a chance to adapt to the new exercise protocol your body is embarking upon. If you try to […]

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  • Help Increase Your Testosterone With Exercise

    Many people know the basics of testosterone. It’s the male hormone that is associated with sex drive. We hold it responsible for a hyper, physical toddler who is insistent on acting out by hitting, lunging or grabbing his brother. We see it manifest in many ways for teenage boys, who can’t quite get a grip […]

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  • Workouts for Building Your Pectoral Muscles

    Pectoral muscles are just chest muscles. Formally known as the pectoralis major and pectoralis minor, these muscles are located under the breast area in men and women. Pectoral muscles contribute to the effort exerted when we use our arms and shoulders.  Strengthening pectoral muscles is important for several reasons. Building muscle improves metabolism and reduces […]

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  • Exercise: Live a Healthy and Happy Life!


    We all know how important exercise is for our bodies, but there are many other benefits to regular physical activity than merely being physically fit.  If you are like most women, you have to constantly juggle a laundry list of responsibilities: children, job, home, etc., but finding the time to take care of yourself will […]

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