• Eating Out Without Pigging Out


    Food occupies a pretty big space in our lives. It is the center of entertainment activities, consolation in times of stress and cause for celebration. In fact magazines, some careers and even research are dedicated entirely to food. It is no wonder, with food taking up so much space in our lives we find it […]

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  • Let Your Adrenaline Help Your Workout


    With a busy schedule and a standard workout routine, it’s important to find new ways to improve your time at the gym. Your new best workout buddy? Adrenaline. While you are most familiar with this hormone in exciting or scary situations, it’s invaluable to your fitness routine. Raise your oxygen levels and heart rate slowly […]

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  • Why Kettlebells are Great for Mom’s and Mom’s-to-Be!


    If you feel just a bit like an age old Russian Olympian while lifting your Kettlebells, it’s no wonder. If it were several centuries back in time in old world Russia, you’d see something close to the modern kettlebell – a device used to help men and women get in shape in order to fight […]

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  • Avoid Overheating While You Exercise


    Summer is fast approaching. Temperatures are rising, and more and more people are venturing outdoors to enjoy a hike, run, or workout. If you like being in the outdoors, kudos to you. Your body is pining for the Vitamin D offered up by the Sun and nothing beats fresh air. If cooler temperatures are more […]

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  • Circuit Training At The Gym


    Do you want to burn fat away? Of course you do. Do you want to spend 3 hours at the gym? Maybe, but if you are like most working people with a family, you’d like to see them for more than 30 minutes a day. Even if you are single and have plenty of time […]

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  • Jump, Squat and Run into Interval Training (Your Body Will Thank You For It!)


    Whether you know it or not, you’re already holding onto the golden ticket of successful and long lasting weight loss (and it starts and ends with interval training!) Just like anything else in life, if you go through the same motions every single time, life will get stagnant. You’ll become bored. And eventually you’ll lose […]

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  • Cheating on Your Meal Plan


    You’ve made it your mission to finally and once and for all lose that stubborn belly, arm or back fat. Good for you, because weight loss is one of the hardest things to do. For every pound you lose, you deserve a pat on the back, and at the very least, an inner dialogue of […]

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  • Before You Skip Your Workout Ask Yourself These Three Questions


    It’s simple to skip a workout – once the thought enters your mind, it’s nearly impossible to ignore. Suddenly that pile of dirty dishes and overflowing laundry basket take top priority. But, do you stop and think before skipping a workout? Or do you give in to the thought almost immediately? Before making up your […]

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  • Does Meditation Help Your Workout?


    Meditation and hill runs don’t sound like two things that go hand in hand. However, despite what it seems, meditation can be a huge help for your workouts. Mediation, at its core, is a way to reign in your thoughts and stay mindful of yourself and your breathing. Working out, whether you’re running or lifting […]

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  • Be a Fitness Role Model-How you can motivate others more than you think.


    There is something to that old saying, “birds of a feather flock together.”  Need proof? Consider this – a study reported in the New England Journal of Medicine concluded that people are more likely to become obese if they have a close friend that becomes obese. Researchers used data from more than 12,000 participants to […]

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