• 5 Ways to Increase Results From Your Cardio Workout (You Won’t Want to Miss This One!)


    You sweat like it’s no one’s business, and with good reason – you have calories to burn, fat to eliminate and major fitness goals to reach. So if you’re one of the many others out there willing to go the extra mile in order to fit into your skinny jeans or look great shirtless, here […]

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  • Taking Protein for Post Workout Recovery


    Taking Protein for Post Workout Recovery One important way to support your fitness efforts is with good attention to nutrition. Much like your car, if you have one, your body depends on quality fuel to be most efficient. Protein is an important part of the fuel mix. Not only does adequate protein support your fitness […]

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  • “Change Up Your Rep Range For Every Workout”


    You should strive to get the highest possible benefit from every workout. Hopefully you always have this mindset when you are working on your fitness goals. The word “plateau” is thrown around a lot in the fitness world. You hear warnings about preventing a plateau when you exercise or lift weights, but what does that […]

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  • Getting Balance and Coordination from Yoga


    Whether you’re a runner, a gym rat or a little of both, improving coordination and balance can go a long way for your workouts. Both of these are integral to reducing your chances of injury as well as enhancing each and every workout. Experts at MindBodyGreen.com agree: “Why is this important? Better balance and coordination means […]

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  • Weight Training for Your Body Type


    There are three common body types. These are endomorph, mesomorph and ectomorph. If you’re like most you are less concerned with your body type than with your body appeal. Let’s face it. We all want to look and feel our best. Not to worry. Regardless of your body type it is possible to feel confident […]

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  • Water vs. Sports Drinks


    The famous banter by Adam Sandler’s character Bobby Boucher and the football players in The Waterboy. If you’ve seen the comedy, you know Bobby Boucher was a waterboy for the local Louisiana football team, and he had a love for water. The football team would tease him and snidely utter several “Gatorade” slams at Boucher […]

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  • Eating Mid-Meal During Your Workout – Can It Boost Your Efficiency and Strength?


    There is no shortage of advice for boosting exercise efficiency and muscle strength. One day we are advised to consume the latest Holy Grail of nutrition and the next we are told to skip the food and instead stomp three times or jump twice. It can be confusing. If you are still wondering about the […]

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  • Achieve Your Personal Best with Every Training


    One of the best things about training, regardless of how you choose to work up a sweat, is the feeling of accomplishment you get on completion. Sometimes, though, even the most devoted among us feels like our routine has become stagnant, or that our progress has hit a plateau. When that happens, the best way […]

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  • Outside-of-the-Box Fitness: How to Creative Problem Solve For Your Biggest Exercise Challenges


    Problems in life, like that pesky weight loss plateau or the occasional joint injury are inevitable. The only thing that really matters is what you’re willing to do to cope with it, change it, and improve your body so that those ‘problems’ don’t control you. When you’re not trying to fix the problem, you’re contributing […]

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  • 5 Fitness Tips to Look Great In Your Swimsuit


    It’s time to gear up for summer, and if you’ve been slacking on workouts or healthy eats this past winter, it’s time to get ready for swimsuit season. If you want to look great in your swimsuit, you don’t need to spend half your day in the gym. It’s all about taking a 360 view […]

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