• Challenging Bodyweight Exercises


    If you’re looking for some challenging exercises, look no further than your own body. Weight training is great for adding muscle, because you are able to push yourself and begin lifting weights that exceed your body weight. The ability to lift your own bodyweight, however, is a sneaky gauge of true strength. There’s a reason […]

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  • Give Back – When Your Fitness Efforts Support You and Others


    The spring race season is approaching quickly. If you are looking for a little extra motivation to sign up and step up to the start line, racing for a cause may give you the boost you need. There is a race for just about every fitness level. Walk three miles in a 5-k to support […]

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  • Let Your Breathing Help Your Workout


    A successful workout requires many things – motivation, focus, determination and a drive to do better so that you can be better. But what about the power of the breath? Can you actually achieve good health just be breathing correctly? It’s true what they say: Breathe deeply, and improve your happiness. The same rule can […]

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  • Working Out Increases Your Energy?


    Working out can be tough. In a busy world, most people cling to the excuse that working out takes too long (even though a 1-hour workout is only 4% of your day!). If these same people ever get over the notion that working out is a time-hog, they may explore for the next available excuse, […]

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  • Motivational Fitness – Do You Have Support?


    Your weight loss efforts are going great. It’s nearly March, which means that you have taken your fitness goals and treated them seriously. So far, you have devoted 2013 to the year that you will replace bad eating habits for good ones, and bring consistent exercise in, where once sitting on your couch and watching […]

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  • Will Your Injury Haunt You Later?


    Injuries are a part of life. Anyone who has played sports may well have succumbed to a bone break, muscle tear, muscle strain or ligament sprain in the past. Athletes are not the only unlucky select who may have experienced the pain and agony of an injury and the stubbornness of the healing and rehabilitation […]

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  • Top 5 Reasons to Do Yoga


    You’re lower back pain is preventing you from getting a productive day of work done, and you’re on a tight deadline. You’re filled with anxiety anytime you try to go to bed, and are desperate to have a six hour block of uninterrupted sleep time.   You loathe the thought of monotonously jogging on the treadmill…again. […]

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  • Should You Work Out on an Empty Stomach?


    Most of us are always on the lookout for weight loss tips and fitness tricks. Among those that pop up regularly is the idea that working out on an empty stomach can speed fat burning and weight loss. Is it true that working out on an empty stomach helps you lose weight faster? Should you […]

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  • Fitness Weight Lifting Accessories – What Do They Really Do?


    Weight lifting isn’t just for body builders. In fact, most adults, especially after middle age, can benefit from weight training. Why? Because while it is true that most of us gain wisdom with age it is also true that we lose muscle and contend with the impact of a slower metabolism. When paired with cardio […]

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  • Is Belly Fat Dangerous?


    Belly fat is bad news. It’s physical prowess alone doesn’t catch the eye or scream sexy. The adjectives about the appearance of belly fat could go on forever, but the secret lies beneath the surface where the excess adipose tissue is hiding the real problem. Belly fat is dangerous. America seems to be going through […]

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