• Snack Smart


    If you are counting calories and making an effort to cut some needless calories out of your diet, snacking might be something you are avoiding. This is fine, but it depends on what your meals are like at mealtime. You can’t stuff your face three times a day, avoid snacks, and think you are going […]

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  • Tap Water vs. Filtered Water vs. Mineral Water – Should I Drink One Over the Other?


    We know that it is important to drink water. Nature’s drink helps our bodies function optimally and may even stave off illness and weight gain. But which kind of water is best? With so many options available it can be tough to know which ones we should choose or even if it makes a difference. […]

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  • Diet Tip – Documenting What You Eat


    Calories from nibbles and bites count just as much as the food you consume on a plate with a fork at the table. In fact, these mindless morsels are big diet derailers because most people fail to include them in their daily calorie count. Increase your chances of weight loss success by documenting what you […]

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  • Getting Your Dose of Vitamin ‘D’


    You may be doing everything right to keep your body in tip top shape, such as working out and eating right.  After all, you eat three well balanced meals a day, exercise several times a week, and keep the stress of your job at bay with yoga and meditation. So why are you all of […]

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  • End The Year With A Bang!


    Thanksgiving and Christmas is over, and the year is coming to an end. The holidays have just begun and they are an exciting time, but with all the excitement and holiday cheer comes plenty of opportunities to feast and become a lax exerciser. As the new year approaches, many people look to the future and […]

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  • The Benefits of Chocolate


    Chocolate. Just saying the word can make you feel better. Have you ever met someone who told you they didn’t really like chocolate? These troubled individuals do exist, and they must be telling a white (chocolate?) lie. The scrumptious, flavorful treat comes in many forms, and if you need a “chocolate fix”, you can find […]

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  • You Are Your Own Competition: Stop Comparing Yourself to Others


    This is something everyone struggles with, whether you’re a bikini body champion or a newbie to the whole gym-routine thing. But, how you handle negative self talk and comparisons it is what makes all the difference in how it affects you mentally and physically. If you let it, this health-sabotaging mentality can ruin your own […]

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  • Are Wii Games Exercise Worthy?


    What happens when you mix fitness and video games? An opportunity to do two things you enjoy at one time. If you’re tired of your usual routine, you can use Wii games to change it up, but don’t rely solely on them to lose weight or tone up. While they do get you moving, there’s […]

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  • The hustle and bustle of the holidays – Tips to remain calm


     Sure, it is the most wonderful time of the year. And with the baking, traveling, gathering, wrapping and celebrating, it is also the busiest. How can you keep your calm so you can enjoy the best of the season without feeling frazzled? Try these tips to take the hustle out of your holiday and sail […]

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  • Staying active can lead to a longer life


     The American Heart Association, Centers for Disease Control and others have long sounded the alarm about the dangers of inactivity. We would all do well to heed their warnings. It turns out that staying active not only improves overall quality of life and health outcomes, but it also extends your life. That’s right. Staying active […]

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