• Fit Pregnancy: Best Workouts for Moms-to-Be


    Think you can’t exercise while pregnant? Think again!  In a normal, low-risk pregnancy, exercise is safe and beneficial as long as you follow a few important guidelines:  Always consult your physician before starting any exercise program, especially when pregnant.  Never overdo it or allow your heart rate to become too elevated.  Drink plenty of water […]

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  • Finding the motivation to exercise


    If you are like most people chances are some of the hardest exercise you do involves getting into your sneakers and off to the gym or the trail. Our best fitness intentions are sometimes thwarted by the hustle and bustle of life. Other times we simply can’t seem to get up enough motivation to make […]

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  • Abdominals and Core Strength


    When most of us think abs or even core, our thoughts usually turn pretty quickly to the elusive six-pack; but that’s only part of the story. Your core is essentially the trunk of your body and includes your back, spine and abs. Although flat abs are sexy, a strong core is essential. You engage your […]

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  • PMS and Fitness


    Looking for a powerful strategy for beating PMS? Start by getting off the couch when PMS gets you down. Sure, it can be tough to move when you’re hypnotized by the siren call of potato chips and chocolate, but you’ll be glad you did. Exercise boosts your energy and your mood. Salty and sugary snacks […]

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