READ FIRST: Which Fitness 19 Locations does this FAQ pertain to?

Fitness 19 is a network of independently owned and operated gyms. This FAQ represents actions for the following locations ONLY.

If you do not see your home gym on this list, please contact your home gym for billing, opening, or other information. The information provided below may or may not apply to any Fitness 19 locations outside of this list of locations:

Included Clubs: River Vale

We are so excited to reopen!

We’ve missed you too! Just like you, we’re ready to dust off the fitness cobwebs and get back to doing what we love: some brisk cardio, hitting the weights, dancing our butts off in Zumba®, or working with our favorite personal trainers and class instructors… the list goes on, because there is something for everyone at Fitness 19.

After all, we’re a gym built for you, no matter what your fitness levels or goals are.

Most importantly we’ve missed seeing you… we’ve missed seeing our community in person!

So, while we were closed, we formulated a plan and took the steps to ensure the reopening of Fitness 19 is done safely and timely while exceeding all requirements for safety and cleanliness. Our goal is for you to enjoy your workout with confidence knowing all safety measures are being taken! Please remember all changes are temporary and subject to change. We’ll get through this together!

We will be opening our doors on Tuesday, September 1st at 5 am! For updates on your local Fitness 19, please continue to follow our Facebook page.

We will also be emailing members as soon as dates are set. Our FREE classes on Instagram Live will also continue even after the clubs reopen so you can get your fitness on at home! Continue to follow @fitness19gyms on Instagram

For billing updates, please see our Reopening Billing FAQ



Fitness 19’s Cleaning Standards

Clean Clean Clean

Fitness 19 is assigning designated cleaning staff during each shift to ensure that all touch points are being sanitized with top-quality disinfectant sprays and wipes. Classroom and classroom equipment will be sanitized after every class. You name it, we’re cleaning it.

Let’s Take It A Step Further

To give everyone even more peace of mind, we are going above and beyond your standard cleaning services. To ensure safety of staff and members, we’re taking things a step further with the latest antiseptic technologies.

  • Nanoseptic stickers will be placed on high traffic touch points. NanoSeptic stickers turn high traffic touch points into continuously self-cleaning surfaces by continuously oxidizing organic contaminants at the microscopic level.
  • For an extra layer of protection, UV Sterilization wands, capable of killing germs and bacteria, will be used on facility touch points.
  • Staff will regularly spray equipment and facility with Protexus Electrostatic Sprayers with PURTABS Disinfecting Tablets, which meet the EPA’s criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19.
  • To give everyone even more peace of mind, we are going above and beyond your standard cleaning services.  The gym was disinfected by NJ Disinfection Services. This service will control and prevent the most comprehensive issues relating to infectious diseases, bacteria and fungi. NJ Disinfection Services uses cleaning solution to kill up to 99.99% of infectious diseases, fungi (mold and mildew) and bacteria, killing all pathogens at the source. With a water-based biostatic surface protectant that adheres to porous and non-porous surfaces, this technology allows long lasting protection which continues working for 30 days on high contact areas and even longer on other areas depending on surface traffic. Nothing but the best for our members!
  • Fitness 19 River Vale has also partnered with a local janitorial company that will be servicing the gym every night after closing, to ensure that our gym is sanitized and sparkling clean for our members.


Your Workout – Gym and Equipment Access





A Gym Built SAFE For You 

  • We will continue with our contactless entry at the front of each gym.
  • At all participating Fitness 19 locations. Facial masks/coverings are MANDATORY during exercise.
  • Members’ temperatures will be taken prior to entry. Members with high temperatures of 100.4 Fahrenheit or higher will not be admitted.
  • Monday-Friday, 2pm-3pm will be only open for members 55 and older for the first 30 days after reopening.
  • Limited number of members will be granted access at one time, however, reservations are not required.
  • Every other piece of cardio will be temporarily unavailable in order to encourage social distancing.

Classes and Personal Training

  • To follow social distancing guidelines, all Group Classes will have reduced spots available.
  • All personal training clients will be given a temporary 4 digit access code to use sessions. Thumbprint access will be removed.
  • Personal Trainers will maintain social distancing guidelines with clients using verbal cues only.
  • Personal Trainers will wipe equipment before and after use.


Fitness 19 Staff and Member Protocols





Member Protocols

Here’s how you can help keep Fitness 19 safe and fun for everyone.

  • All members will be asked to maintain appropriate social distancing.
  • Members with potential symptoms will be asked to take an “Off Day” and to follow CDC guidelines.
  • Members are required to sanitize every piece of equipment with wipes after use. Wipe stations will be conveniently positioned around the gym.
  • While access is limited, 3-Day Guest Passes will be available with activation by appointment only. Premium members will continue to have weekend guest privileges during all stages of reopening.





Staff Protocols

Beyond increased cleaning measures, Fitness 19 staff are taking extra steps to ensure your safety!

  • Staff members will go through a health check prior to each shift. This will include a temperature check at the start of each shift.
  • Any staff member that shows symptoms related to Covid-19 will be required to stay home and follow CDC recommended steps.
  • Staff will be discouraging close proximity workouts on an ongoing basis.
  • Staff members will be required to wear protective face masks/coverings at all times.
  • Staff will be required to wear gloves at all times.
  • Only one staff member will be allowed at the front desk at any given time.



*Fitness 19’s reopening protocol is not finalized and steps taken are subject to change. Restrictions and requirements will vary by location and local government. For a more complete list of updates and steps being taken at your local Fitness 19, please contact your local Fitness 19  for details. Classes and amenities vary by location and membership type.