• Are Full Body Workouts With an Exercise Ball Effective?

    Attractive Woman Exercising With Exercise Ball At Home.

    If you’re a consistent gym-goer, than you’ve seen your peers work out on an exercise ball. They sit on them and lean on them—but the question remains: do they actually do anything to improve a person’s overall fitness level? As it turns out, yep, they sure do. But, only if you do it right. Here’s […]

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  • Work Out With Everything You’ve Got (and Reward Yourself Accordingly!)

    Woman Drinking Water wearing sportswear and towel

    The ‘work hard, play hard’ motto makes sense, doesn’t it? When you spent your working hours brainstorming, writing emails, and coming up with the next (and brightest) idea your company has heard in months, your motto pays off. Work hard, maximize your time in the office, and see the rewards for yourself—which in your case, […]

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  • Kids Fitness: A Growing Trend?


    Obesity in children continues to be on the rise, and a culture of hefty kids seems to be more of the ‘norm’ than ever before. Conveniently packaged crackers and cookies marketed for children stuffed with high fructose corn syrup are served at their school’s cafeteria, while at the same time, school districts are cutting P.E. […]

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  • Teach your brain to love your body


    One of life’s great challenges is learning to accept ourselves as we are. That doesn’t mean there won’t be times when we will want to makes changes. We are still responsible for protecting our physical health. But, it does mean that we can abandon the elusive quest for perfection. It is possible to love your […]

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  • 5 ways exercise can slow the aging process

    Senior couple using gym equipment

    According to a New York Times article, “Does Exercise Slow the Aging Process,” Gretchen Reynolds reported that almost any amount and type of physical activity may slow aging deep within our cells, a new study finds. And middle age may be a critical time to get the process rolling, at least by one common measure […]

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  • Shorter Workouts More Often—Does Less Really Amount to More?

    Whether you want to burn fat or improve your endurance, shorter workouts are all the rage—and perfect for any overworked, busy professional. Why? Because it allows you to ‘get the job done’ in an impressing short period of time.  Let’s weigh in the pros and cons so that you can fast track your way to […]

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  • More reps, less weight

    You don’t have to lift very heavy weights to build muscle.  In fact, performing more reps with less weight can be an effective strategy for a variety of fitness goals whether you are a beginner or have more experience with lifting.  Try this approach a few times each week and you will soon notice a […]

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  • How to up your endurance as an athlete: The art of learning to drink more water


    Water is essential for every living thing, including people. Humans are comprised of mostly water. This critical fluid helps our bodies in many ways including transport of nutrients through and toxins from the body. Water is also needed for digestion. Inadequate water intake can lead to dehydration, which is fatal in extreme cases. For most […]

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  • How to Keep Exercising When Traveling with Kids

    Family Hiking In Countryside Wearing Backpacks

    One of the best things about travel is the escape it offers from the everyday routine. You have the freedom to make your day any way you’d like. Still, there might be some things about your regular routine you’d like to hold onto. So how do you skip regular bath time and chores, but keep […]

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  • Anatomy of the Perfect Wall Sit

    workout posture

    Sure, a wall sit is a pretty straight forward exercise—stand against a wall, bend your legs, slide yourself down, hold and repeat—so why aren’t you reaping the results of this powerful exercise as you should? If you aren’t getting a stronger core, toned legs and some die-for glutes, your form may be off. Here’s how […]

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