• Functional Fitness: Translating the Gym to Everyday Life


    You may be thinking, “Is functional fitness an actual thing, or just the latest workout trend?” You’ve got a good reason to ask. These days, it seems like there is a new hot exercise plan to hit the gym every week, and some go while others stick around. So which ones are worth your time? […]

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  • Easy, healthy on-the-go snacks


    Staying on track with healthy meals and snacks is often as much about discipline as it is planning. Despite iron willpower, the combination of busyness and convenience can lead us to snacks we probably wouldn’t have chosen. These easy, healthy on the go snacks keep you ahead of the planning game. Keep them on hand […]

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  • Get Your Pedal to the Medal: Benefits of the Cycling Workout


    Does the perfect Saturday afternoon involve a bike, the outdoors and a beautiful blue sky? While a leisurely stroll on your bike is great exercise—after all, what’s better than some fresh air and pedaling at your own pace?—here’s something even better. Cycle your heart out, to boost your heart rate! Cycling has been and continues […]

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  • Body fat and Stress: How fat Affects Your Responses to Stress

    man hands pressing the word stress in black and white

    We have long known that stress can impact weight. It turns out that weight can also impact stress. Recent research has found that body fat impacts stress. According to an article published by the University of Florida, “body fat can send a signal that affects the way the brain deals with stress and metabolism. What […]

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  • Without a Plan, You’re Wasting Time

    Portrait of a smiling male trainer with clipboard standing in a bright gym

    When it comes to the gym, there’s a lot of things you’re doing right. You sweat, lunge, squat and run your heart out. And face it—the fact that you show up day after day is better than most. So, good for you! You’re well on your way to the fittest, healthiest bod you’ve ever had. […]

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  • Yoga vs Pilates


    Both practices enjoy immense popularity and offer benefits that extend beyond class time. These include better flexibility and strength as well as alignment of the body and mind. Although similar in many ways, there are a few differences. Let’s take a look. History Yoga originated many thousands of years ago in India. The Sanskrit translation […]

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  • Don’t Be the Smelly Employee at Work: How to Get a Good Workout in at Lunch Without Becoming a Sweaty Mess

    Man With Hyperhidrosis Sweating Very Badly Under Armpit

    The daily grind can give you emotionally and mentally a beat down by the end of the week—or in some cases, by midweek! Whether you’re a busy student taking a full course load at the local community college or University, or you’re in an office setting and working your way up the corporate ladder, exercise […]

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  • Beat the Heat: Staying safe during your summer workouts


    It is summer time and boy is it hot out there! That doesn’t have to mean skipping outdoor exercise. Protect yourself from the dangers of high heat and humidity during your workout. Use these tips to have fun and stay safe. Avoid workouts during the hottest part of the day. Whenever possible, plan to exercise […]

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  • Fun Fitness Facts You Don’t Know About

    Facts Concept

    If you’ve been working out like the committed exerciser you are, then you may think that you know all there is to know about lifting, pressing, lunging, and in all other ways, getting a fit body from head to toe. But here’s four fun (and slightly quirky!) fitness facts you probably don’t know about—and just […]

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  • Eccentric Exercise: Not As Crazy as it Sounds


    Eccentric exercise sounds crazy, but it works. Never heard of it? You’ve probably done some eccentric exercise and didn’t even know it. If you have ever done a bicep curl you have done some eccentric exercise. Wikipedia says eccentric training involves repetitions of eccentric muscle contractions. Eccentric contractions are motions of an active muscle as […]

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